Saturday, March 30, 2013

Day at Dr. Jose Rizal Park in Seattle!

Earlier this month, Beer View Mirrors had the opportunity to spend a beautiful, sunny day at Dr. Jose Rizal Park with Friends of the Jungle/Friends of Dr. Jose Rizal Park Orchards.

A little information about the park, which has a gorgeous view of Downtown, Elliot Bay and the Olympics! "The site of Dr. Jose Rizal Park is a favorite gathering and picnic spot for members of the Filipino community. The meadow slope site was transferred to the parks Department in 1971, and was named after Dr. Jose Rizal three years later. Rizal was a Filipino patriot who, during his short life, made lasting contributions to medicine, political and social reform, engineering and a large number of other disciplines. He was executed as a result of being accused of complicity in the Filipino insurrection of 1896. The park was formally dedicated in 1979." (Seattle City Parks)

BVM spent the day helping Craig build a path and prune the apple trees in the orchard. Yes, the park has an orchard! :)  Find more information about other orchards in the city by visiting City Fruit -

And of course we brought some four-legged friends along to enjoy the day with us - there is a great dog park on the north end.

If you haven't been yet, you should definitely stop by the park, admire the gorgeous view, bring your dog, take a walk, and enjoy it!

Team Beer View Mirrors - Team Works/Seattle Works
Trying to do the Farmer Pose...not working :)
Afterwards, BVM went, per tradition, to celebrate a good day and of course, have that beer!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

BVM in Columbia City at Rainier Valley Cultural Center

Aloha! Spring is in the air and Beer View Mirrors just started the season this month at the Rainier Valley Cultural Center.

Located in the center of Columbia City, just south of Seattle, the Rainier Valley Cultural Center serves the community by providing a space for theatre, music, workshops and other events throughout the year. Rich and Francisca are stewards of the old and historical building, and help bring the community together.

We had the chance to work with them this month by helping the place get ready for Spring!
Welcome to Rainier Valley Cultural Center - Cute!

Jenny and Emily

Working hard getting those weeds out! (Justin and David)

Jasper joined us!

Looking so good!

Trying to do the Harlem Shake :)

Harlem Shake take 2

Lovely property - Emily.
Beer View Mirrors - Tesh, Laura, Jenny, Arshia, Danielle, Justin, Marissa, Erin, Jasper, David, Erica, Wendle, Liko and Myong

Traditional Farmers' Pose!

After the project we had lunch at the Columbia City Alehouse - if you haven't been there, go try it! 

 Till next time!
Cheers :)

Monday, January 21, 2013

BVM with Friends of the Burke Gilman

Beer View Mirrors spent their last project at the Burke Gilman Trail at Sand Point on a sunny winter day.  Ground still frozen, the team worked hard mulching, pulling ivy and other tasks. Hard work, super cold, but having great hosts like Jim, Dean, Rick and the others made it a little more enjoyable!
Bags down ready for the mulch!
The mulching begins!

Hitesh putting a smile on - it was really cold!

Beer View Mirrors and Trufflle Shuffle

All Smiles! Great way to end the season!
If you ever feel like wanting to do some good, enjoy a day volunteering with FOBG!

'Till next time...

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Magnuson Children's Garden

Greetings! Saturday we headed to Magnuson Children's Garden to help prepare the garden for winter.  We partnered with the Children's Garden Committee members, King County Master Gardeners and a Girl Scout crew for our project.  It was fun to be back to Magnuson to see the growth of the plants we had planted last year and get the garden ready for winter. Highlights included our weeding, mulching, our BVM dog mascots Utah and Jaeg and Hamburgers @ Ram afterwards.  Overall a fun day!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Painting for the Evening - Sacajawea Elementary School


On Wednesday, August 22nd, Beer View Mirrors spent a few hours at Sacajawea Elementary School.  The project: sprucing up the gym with new paint!

The team worked fast considering we only had 2.5 hours (but we finished the whole thing in less than two hours).

It was a quick project and fun to see what an gym for elementary kids looks like - you know it's been a few years for all of us.. :)

It was a quick project since we were short on time - first time we forgot to take a photo! But here's a cool find - in the gym, there was wall of these wooden ladders - all attached with ropes, and they swing out.  Most of us have never seen it before - but here's a photo from 1967:

Pretty neat to see how the thing actually works!

And since everyone worked that day before the project - the team was starving. So off to The Ram @Northgate they went!

Thanks for reading, have a great day!


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

At the Artwalk - Pioneer Square


Summer round's 1st challenge took our team to the Art Walk!  We chose to explore Pioneer Square and what a fun experience.

First stop... (L-R: Ben, Erik, Marissa, Erin)

Thinking...and Drinking.

Break from art. :)

What do you know, I ran into an ol' friend who happened to be the featuring artist!! Weston Jandacka - we loved your pieces! Good Luck! Check out his work!

Walking through the promenade!

Reached the end... (L-R: Erica, Ben, Erik, Marissa and Erin)

Hope y'all get to enjoy art near you - many neighborhoods in Seattle have them! Enjoy an afternoon and explore, never know what you'll find!


Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Highland Park Elementary School

Today we went to Highland Park Elementary School to help the Community Day School Association with some gardening to prepare for the upcoming school year. Our main activity was weeding two beds that seemed to have been forgotten over the summer. We also transplanted some daisies, and finally planted some new flowers in the beds we cleared. Our newest members and subs got to add to our team's super gardening skills for the first time. 

After 4 steadily-warmer hours in the sun, we headed to the Matador in West Seattle for some drinks and lunch. As usual, we enjoyed their nachos, burgers, and Mexican beer. Another community project accomplished, and another good afternoon with friends, old and new!